Scalerica de Oro

Ensemble Me La Amargates Tú

Praised for its deeply musical interpretations, and emotional performances, Ensemble Me La Amargates Tú is one of the leading Sephardic music ensembles in the world. Sephardic Jewish communities has preserved the Ladino language for centuries as well as their songs, keeping alive the memory of a culture that is now spread in many countries throughout the world. Me La Amargates Tú concentrates its efforts on historically informed performances of Sephardic and Spanish music, incorporating Ladino traditions with musical elements from Sephardic Jewish communities from Medieval Spain to the many countries around the world in which Sephardic Jews spread their culture and traditions.

Ensemble Me La Amargates Tú combines instruments of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, together with an assortment of folk instruments. The Ensemble was created in The Netherlands during its member’s studies of Informed Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. 

Me la Amargates Tú performs numerous concerts around the world, including U.S.A., Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Greece and Israel.

The ensemble's first CD “Alma Vida Coraçón” was released by PAN records in February 2010.

The second cd ‘Scaleria de Oro’ kwam uit op 4 september 2016. Our new project "Scalerica de Oro" includes songs from both areas of the Sephardic diaspora: although the majority of the songs belongs to the musical tradition of the communities of Turkey, Greece and other Balkan countries, it also presents songs representing the Sephardic communities of Northern Morocco. Not less important is that it comprises all the traditional genres that constitute the Judeo-Spanish musical repertoire, i.e.: romances, coplas and cantigas as well as exponents of the Sephardic liturgy.
Our program offers a wide panorama of the Judeo-Spanish musico-poetic repertoire which this ensemble performs with the care and respect that this repertoire deserves.

About Scalerica de Oro

The ROMANCES are characterised by being a narrative genre. The text of any romance is a poem in which a story is told, often developed by means of a dialogue. The structure of the romance is fixed: long verses that have the same rhyme. The music consists of one musical stanza, mostly with four musical phrases, that is repeated all along the text of the romance, dividing it into a strophic structure.

Having deep roots in the Medieval Spain in which the Jews lived before their final expulsion in 1492, the Sephardic ROMANCERO (the whole corpus of romances) reflects situations having to do with the wars of the Reconquista, wedged by the Christians against the Moors that had conquered Spain in the early 8th century and were finally defeated in 1492, the same year when the Catholic Kings Fernando and Isabel signed the Edict for the Expulsion of all the Spanish Jews that refused to convert to the Catholic religion.

The Sephardic COPLAS have no Spanish roots, but they are rather Jewish poems in Judeo-Spanish, on Jewish themes, deeply related to Jewish life. They were composed by Jews and often sung for the festivities and ceremonies of the Jewish year-cycle.

The CANTIGAS belong to what is known as the Sephardic CANCIONERO. Their music show a clear influence of the Turkish, Greek and Balkan musical cultures. Their texts are strophic poems with a great variety of themes, usually with no special connection between the stanzas. Most of the cantigas have a lyrical content, speaking about love and suffering, about wooing the beloved, about longing, despair and deep sadness and about the woman’s fury at her despicable lover.

Scalerica de Oro met

Esteban Manzano (ARG) . tenor
Doret Florentin (ISR/GRC) . blokfluit
Tulio Rondon (VS/VEN) . viola da gamba
Sarah Ridy (GBR) . barokharp
Juan Martinez (MEX) . percussie


Music Idea

Met gedrevenheid en oog voor detail verzorgt Music Idea het management en de boekingen voor een kruim van muzikanten, met een uitgesproken voorkeur voor wereldmuziek, folk en klassieke muziek. Het resulteert in grote waardering van het publiek en verrassende ontmoetingen met de artiesten en hun muziek.

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