Chansons pour la fin d' un jour, ****1/2

Often it is as if the core memory of Turkish music has been rewritten, like a memory, with a lost feeling, in a faraway land, something comparable of what became Armenian music by Turkish descendants, which became one with the deserted landscapes, like a memory in dedication to the forgotten, to the deceased and to worlds left behind. Wouter Vandenabeele rewrote/reinvented this Turkish/Armenian sensibility with a different rhythm, a different sort of improvisation, where even Baroque and classical music became forgotten equally, to one step beyond all that.

This is the meeting point between two Belgian, and two Turkish musicians. Wouter Vandenabeele composed and played violin. It is written that this work can be considered as the second chapter to his "Chansons sans paroles". Further we have Joris Vanvinckenroye on double bass, Emre Gültekin on the Turkish saz and Ertan Tekin on the Armenian clarinet-like duduk.

The result is a more contemporary classical than something else, although elements of Turkish traditional music and playing can be recognised, it mostly is going beyond falling back on a sort of playing, rhythms or tunes itself, and it expands this like paint on canvas to a creative new expression which, beyond memories and musical sensibilities, creates something new, creates a new area of expression. Wouter has proven before to have the ability to adapt stylistic elements and especially sensibilities of other cultures. Also this album goes beyond what has been taught, taking it into a new world full of traces. Another great quality of the musicians is that this idea is followed well by the musicians. To a degree the musical instruments and its sensibility becomes interchangeable, with one compositional area inspiring most, some more defined elements coming through into the cloud.


Gerald Van Waes-

Music Idea

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