Rui Massena

The most charismatic portuguese maestro continues to reveal his composition skills with the new album ‘Ensemble’.

“Both Leonard Bernstein’s thrilling Symphonic Dances from West Side
Story and George Gershwin’s Caribbean-tinged Cuban Overture, a
program closer that received many requests for an encore, were accompanied
by finger-snapping, jazz elements and intercut rhythms. The whole was staged with energy and power by the temperamental and enthusiastic Portuguese maestro Rui Massena. The young audience rewarded them with many standing ovations.” (Kleine Zeitung, Klagnfurt, Austria)


Orchestra conductors are fascinating figures – often eccentric, mostly touched by genius. Such as Rui Massena, the wellknown Portuguese maestro who helped Guimarães’ 2012 run as European Cultural Capital become such a success. As a programming director of the event, Mr. Massena created the Fundação Orquestra Estúdio, a singular foundation designed to plant a seed for the future in the shape of an orchestra with musicians from over 20 countries. Its success became living proof of Mr. Massena’s unique talents: a conductor who doesn’t only lead the different sections of the orchestra, but also a harmonizer of different attitudes, cultures and languages.

His challenge now, however, is a whole other ballgame and has already resulted in an acclaimed album, Solo, revealing a remarkable compositional talent. That was Rui Massena’s priority in 2015 – to show around the world his magical universe of melody as a solo pianist, performing his own compositions. Now, in 2016, Universal Music released his most recent album ‘Ensemble’, partly recorded in Prague, with the collaboration of the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra and a straight entry #1 at the Portuguese Charts, a rare deed for this genre of music. The new compositions signed by the conductor are very inspired by the moods that one feels in Sintra, the village where they were composed and mostly recorded.

Ensemble met

Rui Massena duo
Ruis Massena . piano solo
viool of cello (in sommige nummers) . NTB

Rui Massena & Ensemble (Sextet)
Ruis Massena . piano solo
Ensemble . 2 violen, 1 altviool, 1 cello,
1 contrabas


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